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St Michael's Bridge

Sint-Michielsbrug Gent Sint-Michielsbrug Gent Sint-Michielsbrug Gent

St Michael's Bridge

St Michael's Bridge

St Michael's Bridge

St Michael's Bridge

St Michael's Bridge

St Michael's Bridge

Here you can admire a breath-taking cityscape from all directions.

The Graslei and Korenlei with the renovated Old Fish Market and the Castle of the Counts in the distance, St Michael’s Church, the back of ‘Het Pand’ and of course the three-tower row which can only be admired in its entirety from here.

Keep your camera handy!

Enjoy a 360°-degree view of Ghent from St Michael’s Bridge.



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Visitor’s guide Ghent

Visitor’s guide Ghent

1,000 years against the current


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Scherm virtuele toer stadhuis
19 May 2014
Are you planning to visit Ghent? Good idea! Anyone who fancies a sneak preview of the city from the comfort of his or her sofa can now visit Ghent’s town hall on a virtual tour.

In the neighbourhood


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Paradise for browsers with original old advertising and film posters from the early 1900s to 1970, old enamel signs, old tins, toys and bears, kitschy post cards...
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The modest Muinkpark, laid out in the English landscape style, is the last remnant of the 19th-century Ghent zoo.
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