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St Bavo's Abbey

Sint-Baafsabdij Gent Sint-Baafsabdij Gent Sint-Baafsabdij Gent

St Bavo's Abbey

St Bavo's Abbey

St Bavo's Abbey

St Bavo's Abbey

St Bavo's Abbey

St Bavo's Abbey

You are on historic ground here.

In the 7th century, Amandus van Gent founded St Bavo’s Abbey here in an attempt to convert the inhabitants of this city of Ganda. Many centuries later, Charles V had most of the original abbey buildings demolished to make way for the notorious Spanjaardkasteel.

Recently, the former abbey church rose from its ashes, not in stone, but in greenery. 5-m high hornbeam pillars evoke the lost church. A concrete podium now stands where the altar used to be, ready to host artists’ shows. 

In order to protect this splendid site as best as possible, it is only opened to visitors on rare occasions. 

Info for groups

For a guided visit or tour contact one of these three guides’ associations:

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Buren van de abdij

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Visitor’s guide Ghent

Visitor’s guide Ghent

1,000 years against the current

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Derya Türkan, Kayhan Kalhor, Sokratis Sinopoulos & Ali Bahrami Fard
Derya Türkan is a young Turkish kemençe maestro who combines improvisation with a classical Ottoman music repertoire. For this concert, he has brought together a number of string virtuosos.



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