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Monastery of the Carmelite Fathers

Klooster Paters Karmelieten Gent Klooster Paters Karmelieten Gent

Monastery of the Carmelite Fathers

Monastery of the Carmelite Fathers

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The Carmelite Monks form a living community in Ghent. The 18th-century monastery church can be visited freely and the adjoining garden by request. Those who enjoy the exceptional peace and quiet can even stay the night here. The guesthouse makes an original base for a stay in the city.

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Campo Santo Gent
Numerous renowned painters, sculptors and writers went to their final resting place on this 19 metre-high burial mound.
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This may surprise many locals, but the city boasts a beautiful nature reserve: Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen is a 230-hectare flood area that provides a vital migratory winter habitat for hundreds of species of birds.