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Hotel d'Hane-Steenhuyse

Hotel d´Hane-Steenhuyse Gent All-in CityCard Gent

Hotel d'Hane-Steenhuyse

Hotel d'Hane-Steenhuyse

Hotel d'Hane-Steenhuyse

Hotel d'Hane-Steenhuyse

In his 1767 building application, the German Count Emmanuel Ignace d’Hane asked for permission to rebuild the front of his house, located in the Veldstraat, for the further adornment of our city. The result is a splendid façade in typical Ghent rococo style. In 1815, the French king Louis XVIII stayed in this building. Today, on special occasions, you can still admire the luxurious interiors and salons of that period.

Info for groups

Groups (incl. schools) can enjoy a guided tour on Thursday morning or afternoon.

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  • S 25/10  >
  • S 26/10 closed
  • M 27/10 closed
  • T 28/10 closed
  • W 29/10 closed
  • T 30/10 closed
  • F 31/10  >
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Hotel d'Hane-Steenhuyse

Veldstraat 55
9000 Gent
Op het stadsplan: C4



9000 Gent
Tel.: +32-92698750
E-mailadres: boekjebezoek@gent.be
URL - link: BoekjeBezoek


Uitbureau Gent vzw

Veldstraat 82B
9000 Gent
Tel.: +32-92337788
URL - link: Uitbureau Gent vzw
Op het stadsplan: C4


Pearls in the city Ghent

Pearls in the city

Museum Arnold Vander Haeghen - Hotel d’Hane Steenhuyse

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Hotel d’Hane-Steenhuyse

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